About Cowan Group

Cowan Group is the new way forward for Cowan Restoration Services.

The team working within Cowan Group are highly qualified and come with many years of restoration experience capable of delivering outstanding customer service to all stakeholders alike.

Cowan Group has been setup to improve the services offered across Australia. Cowan Group is now the controlling entity which manages and controls the national brand Cowan Restoration Services.

Cowan Group was established to maintain uniformity and support the multiple branches within each aspect of the business units on an operational role. This means the branches can concentrate on delivering BAU work and supply the best experience and service levels to our customers and not get caught up in the management needs of their business units.

Cowan Group Services


In the accounts division there is a team that makes sure we keep control and proper records of all running costs of the different branches across Australia. It makes sure we are up to date with all statuary requirements. It supplies each branch with reports and works with them to minimise costs so we can offer the most cost affect service. All wages and day to day accounting issues are controlled in a meticulous external manner to each branch and location.

24 Hour Call Centre

Our call center manages all incoming calls and registers all new jobs. It operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year and directs queries and jobs to the appropriate person or branch across Australia. This area is structured to increase in times of need.


The administration teams specialize in information sharing between all our Customers and the branches operational teams in every branch across Australia. Its focus is to supply reports, updates and invoicing in a KPI structure measured way. It maintains all the different portals for all our different Customer needs.

National Marketing

Cowan Group offers Cowan Restoration Services as a national company, many of its customers are also national. Marketing is structured nationally as we offer the same service, quality and support across Australia. Marketing includes Business Development Mangers (BDM’s) and is separate from operations, this allows the BDM’s to work with different branches across Australia and give them feedback while supporting our customers and all stake-holders.

Management Support

Cowan Group works with all the different managers in the business and supervisors the management team in offering the same service. It recognizes when support is needed and helps the team work together to achieve a common goal. It is dedicated to supporting the different branches on a satellite basis and does not get caught up in the running of the different business units.

CRM Software

Cowan Group has its own CRM and is always working on improving the software to keep up to date with the current needs in the marketplace. Cowan Group continues maintaining the systems designed to stream-line workflow nationally, from the information we gather from our field technicians as they are all equipped with tablets for “real-time” reporting. Our administration teams receive our reports instantaneously, ensuring our reporting still accurate and delivered in a expedient manner.

Specialised Restoration Equipment

We realise not every branch can have all the specialised equipment it needs from time to time. Cowan Group has a Stockpile of this equipment which is fully maintained and ready to go.

Cowan Group continues to look for new equipment and new ways of doing restoration, remaining on the cutting edge of industry standards. Cowan Group makes sure all branches have the same equipment as staff work in different locations across Australia. Cowan Group has dedicated semi-trailers to transport equipment nationally where it’s needed and as required.

CAT Response

In times of need the Cowan Group responds to CAT Events, delivering unwavering and uncompromised quality of service. As the Cowan Group and Cowan Restoration Services is single owner operated it can make calculated and responsible decisions for the good of the national brand and its customers alike.

It supports each of the branches that may be in need of help by assisting and looking at the common goal of the group, pulling together the entire company across Australia’s and reviewing the staffing levels that each division needs to maintain BAU whilst then taking our trained staff and moving them to where a Cat event is taking place.

Cowan Group has a large stockpile of equipment which is ready to go. Containers of equipment can be transported to the geographical location in need. This is achieved seamlessly by way and use of our semi-trailers as well as our fully fitted-out corporate mobile office. Cowan Group then gears-up its national call center in order to support the influx of higher work volumes.


Always welcoming amazing people to join our team.

Cowan Restoration Services, a place you can call home away from home. We like to include our staff in the growth and vision of our company on a national level. Restoration is a fast paced and ever-changing industry. Being that each work provider as well as homeowner is different, we are therefore highly adaptable to suit all stakeholder’s individuality as required.

Our customers and staff alike are not just a number, but rather are known by name. Yes, we work hard, but we instil a workspace of “the calm within a storm”. Our managing director & owner Peter Cowan takes pride in the fact that any of his team may approach him, giving the true meaning to having an “open door policy.”

Our team is given the opportunity to travel interstate and assist in CAT events as well as travel internationally to further their knowledge base and stay current within the industry. The Cowan Group encourages progression and education, continuously motivating and challenging the status quo. We are always looking for fantastic team players. Do not be deterred by the fact you may or may not have sufficient industry experience and/or knowledge, that is teachable to a “go-getter.”

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