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Dehumidification & Moisture Control

After a property has been flooded the moisture and humidity levels are generally high making a building and its contents vulnerable to organic growth if the indoor environment is not controlled in a timely manner.

Cowan Restoration Services owns the equipment required to attend to residential, commercial and industrial job sites. Dehumidifiers ranging from our residential sized LGR’s (Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier’s) to our commercial / industrial sized Desiccant’s. We have some of the largest dehumidification units available that are capable of dehumidifying and maintaining vastly sized buildings such as school auditoriums, sports amphitheatres, cinemas, or hospitals just to name a few.

We are highly adaptable, and our teams are capable of being on site taking care of you regardless of the magnitude of the job.

Dehumidification & Moisture Control Services Include:
Residential Job Sites and Catastrophic Events

Cowan Restoration Services is prepared with sufficient equipment to handle hundreds of residential claims at any given time. We are usually one of the first operators to be called upon during catastrophic events as we have the capacity to manage and maintain these volumes, where the lives of so many are affected by a single storm event.

Commercial and Industrial Job Sites

Cowan Restoration Services has the experience and equipment to attend to large loss claims. Time is especially important in returning these types of properties to a safe and controlled environment as these buildings usually house expensive plant and machinery used to run commercial and industrial business, not to mention the many people relying on a speedy return to work.

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