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Dry Ice Blasting (Cryogenics)

Cryogenics, more commonly referred to as “CO2 Dry Ice Blasting”, is a method used to decontaminate and clean almost any surface with minimal surplus residue.

Fire and soot damage related surfaces is one of the more common and challenging contamination types we face but made easier with the approach and use of “dry ice” methodology.

This method of cleaning is “food grade” as the dry ice (CO2) eliminates bacteria whilst removing the pollution simultaneously. Other conventional methods of media blasting such as soda-blasting or sand-blasting leaves behind excessive by-product that generally takes extensive time and labour to remove and clean. Furthermore, cleaning certain sensitive surfaces with chemicals and water leaves behind moisture and waste as a by-product, which in turn causes secondary damage. Dry ice is non-conductive and a safe method of cleaning extremely sensitive equipment and surfaces.

We use dry ice to tackle some of the more stubborn contamination such as fire affected properties and its contents, electrical components, industrial and commercial plant, and machinery. Ancillary industries we have been engaged to assist with have been aircraft maintenance, marine components, and the automotive industry just to name a few.

Our highly skilled team of technicians come with a combined knowledge base and decades of experience, ready to tackle projects that most companies refrain from even attempting.

Although some would say that at face value dry ice cleaning is an expensive approach of cleaning, but that is without taking into consideration the by-product and/or waste that is left behind after the use of other conventional cleaning methods. The cost of the appropriate removal and disposal of hazardous waste outweighs the clean environment we achieve after cryogenically decontaminating the various projects.

Due to the high velocity at which the ice pebbles are ejected from the cryogenic machinery / handheld wands, specialised training is required before operating this equipment as well as the relevant PPE is to be worn. Cowan Restoration Services delivers this specialty service on a nationally level.

Dry Ice Blasting (Cryogenics) Services Include:

We attend to homes that are affected by soot and smoke most caused by kitchen fires. Building materials and contents that are charred beyond repair, generally continue to off-gas leaving behind strong odours. Once these burnt materials have been removed from site, we are then left with a structure that can be cleaned by way of dry ice remediation, leaving the home ready for builders to reinstate and return the home to a pre-loss condition.


In most cases plant and machinery can be remediated in situ, however, if the factory and/or building that has been affected is deemed to be un-safe, we have the capacity to relocate the equipment to one of our many national bases for remediation and cleaning using cryogenics, and then store them until such time the location is safe and reinstated.

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