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Electronic & Mechanical Restoration

Our electronic/electrical/mechanical decontamination, repair and restoration services backed by Australian standard repair warranty to it’s pre-loss functionality and reliability.

Areas covered – Residential, Commercial and Industrial

  • Automobile
  • Testing equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Access control
  • Small and medium robotic equipment
  • Catering equipment
  • Audio and video equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Human manikin simulator
  • Commercial drone
  • Laundry machinery
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Carwash machinery
  • Home appliances

Past clients

  • Whitsunday Moorings and Marine Construction QLD – Robotic underwater pillar scanner
  • Dental surgery Cairns – Dental equipment
  • Carneigie shopping centre – Automatic smoke screens
  • Springvale Carwash – Carwash equipment
  • AAS Auto – Automobile equipment
  • Super Sales – Commercial catering equipment
  • Cloud 9 – Commercial Drones
  • University of QLD – Human manikin simulator
  • Norther Territory Gas plant – UPS control room electronic controls

Our system of restoration

  • Electronic/electrical and mechanical troubleshooting
  • Electronic/electrical and mechanical repairing
  • Ultrasonic decontamination
  • Electronic board level repairing of non-replaceable and high valued electronic control boards

Equipment Preservation and Protocol      

By controlling relative humidity and ambient temperature, mitigation work process of the damaged electronic/electrical/mechanical equipment can be preserved against further damage and for further investigation and appropriate electronic repair services. Cowan restoration services will prepare electronics restoration services protocol by getting the in house technical team, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and service contractors involved in the electronic restoration process

Destruction areas

We have successfully restored electronics/electrical/mechanical exposed to every conceivable contamination and damage including: floodwater (including total submersion), corrosive soot from fire, acid vapours, mould, environmental contaminants, pollution caused by production processes, sea salts and power fluctuations.

Cowan electronic/electrical/mechanical restoration services cost a fraction of the machine’s replacement costs. That is only one economic consideration. Replacing sophisticated electronic machinery often takes from six to 18 months. This wreaks havoc with every aspect of your business, causing lose valuable contracts, clients and production. Under most circumstances, Cowan’s decontamination and restoration work can be measured in weeks, limiting business interruption and losses.

Electronic & Mechanical Restoration Services Include:
Damage assessment and report

The initial assessment of the visual inspection determined the items which are restorable and non-restorable, the restorable items further assessed with our detail inspection with thermal imaging, digital microscopic and insulation and earth leakage testing where required. The initial report with the cause of the damage, mitigation work, detail list of the items including photos and the proposed restoration method for the damaged. The progress report reflects the percentage of the work completed and the additional findings during the restoration process and the final report will confirm the final status of the items and additional notes.

Ultrasonic decontamination

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves between 20KHz – 200MHz generating cavitation in the de-ionized water. The resulting energetic bubble action penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination including oil, grease, soot and rust. This process increases the efficiency of the decontamination process of the electronic control boards and mechanical parts.

Electronic/electrical and mechanical restoration

The Electronic/electrical and mechanical contents restoration process comprises “decontamination”, “troubleshooting of electronics, electrical and mechanical faults, repairing of electronic component level, mechanical and electrical repair”, “functionality testing” and “electrical safety testing as per AS/NZS3760”.

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