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Meth Lab Cleaning

Cowan Restoration Services leading the industry in Meth Lab Cleaning along with decontamination of Bacterial, Fungal and Viral contamination.

Cowan Technicians have undertaken extensive training and are fully qualified to remediate properties from the contamination of methamphetamine.

We respond fast with initial consultation within 24 hours and an action plan within 48 hours from first site inspection.

Start-to-end project management and providing independent verification.

Our Meth Lab Cleaning process can be completed fast and regularly to ensure your work place is safe to occupy during these hard economic times.


Meth Lab Cleaning Services Include:
Atmosphere cleaning

H202 treats and cleans 99.9% airborne contaminants, leaving no residues.

Surface cleaning

State-of-the-art cleaning chemicals to kill and remove all contaminates.

Air purification

Improving air quality and stops cross contamination.

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