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Mould Remediation

Mould remediation is the specialised process in removing organic growth which is forming on surfaces and within areas of a dwelling caused by elevated moisture and humidity.

This process requires training and experience to prevent cross contamination to unaffected areas of a building. Our team at Cowan Restoration Services understands the importance in executing this process with precision from start to finish.

One would not believe how common mould is found growing within a home due to undetected slow leaks. These water related issues are generally discovered occurring adjacent to wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. A frequent scenario is described by homeowners as: “whenever my closet door is closed for an extended period of time, spots of mildew start forming on my clothing and contents, and I can smell a strong musty odour”.

Left undetected mould growth causes extensive secondary damage to the structural integrity of a home, such as timber stud framing, timber base plates, plasterboard walls, chipboard sub-floors, carpet, and its underlay and these are just naming a few.

There is a plethora of species that differ dependent on the “food” source, type of environment, ambient air temperature, and moisture levels. Given the right circumstances, mould can grow pretty much anywhere. The resultant side effects of mould when unattended can cause serious illnesses if not identified and rectified, especially when growing within a confined liveable dwelling. The severity of illness can also depend greatly on the people being exposed, i.e., Immunol sensitivities, asthmatics, the elderly, pregnant females etc.

Mould Remediation Services Include:
Mould Remediation – Residential

Causes of mould growth vary but most commonly are because of slow and undetected water leaks within wall cavities adjacent to wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms and kitchens. Mould within a home after a major CAT event is also common especially when hailstones break and breach roof tiles allowing storm water ingress, and if not managed in a timely manner the result is significant damage. Cowan Restoration Services is your lifeline in returning your home and contents to a safe condition.

Mould remediation – Commercial

Shopping complexes, schools, cinemas, sports stadiums, and places that are heavily populated and have high volumes of foot traffic, when affected by large escape of water events are also vulnerable to being affected by mould growth. The speed at which we return these spaces to a water-tight and safe environment is detrimental to business interruption due to the multiple stakeholders being affected. Cowan Restoration Services has the equipment and experience to be onsite at a press of a button and only a phone call away. We understand the ramifications of a business having to close for even just one day. The domino effect is catastrophic, and therefore accuracy and the speed at which we operate is second to none.

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