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Water Contamination

Water damage and contamination can present itself in many forms and affect both the structure and contents of a property.

The most import form of mitigation is time. The faster you attend to the situation the less the damage. We at Cowan Restoration Services pride ourselves at the speed in which we can be on site and attending to the problem. We are highly trained operators with years of experience and available to help 24/7.

Common causes of water damage are burst pipes and catastrophic events causing flood damage. No matter the source of the water ingress, we are equipped and capable to reduce damage during these challenging times.

We are there for you during Catastrophic Storm Events. Cowan Restoration Services is a national company that is highly adaptable, and our teams are capable of being on the ground taking care of you anywhere a storm hits. Outfitted with the equipment to attend to both residential and commercial job sites. Our mobile offices and transit vehicles make it easy for us to deliver an uncompromised service.


Water Contamination Services Include:
Full water damage restoration services

We are fully industry certified to carryout complexed water remediation returning a property and its contents to a safe and pre-loss condition.

Make-safes and decontamination

We will secure your property by reducing further risk and assist in stopping additional water ingress, which lessens the overall damage.

Water extraction

We extract all free-standing water from the affected jobsite in a timely manner to reduce the overall drying time with the objective to have the Insured return to their property as soon as possible.

Moisture mapping and investigation

Delivering a fast and safe restoration plan by way of thorough investigation & reporting is required so as to prevent any unidentified trapped moisture. We use the latest moisture detection equipment to achieve these results.

Structural and contents drying

We have the capacity to dry contents both institute and/or off site located in many of our bases. With the use of state-of-the-art drying equipment and latest drying methods we prepare the structure for reinstatement by removing the unwanted trapped moisture from the various building substrates.

Thermal imaging and reporting

Thermal imaging cameras are just another one of our many moisture detection instruments used in sourcing trapped moisture within a building. Used in conjunction with our moisture meters we provide our clients with reports that are thorough and comprehensive. Thermal imaging significantly assists in reducing the time it takes to investigate and identify the moisture affected areas.

Odour control

A wet building and contents usually result in unpleasant odours caused by stagnant water and/or moisture. We are equipment to remove these odours using various equipment, chemicals and techniques.

Sewage Mitigation

Sewage is also referred to as “grossly contaminated water” and normally results in significant and unreversible damage. We understand the safety around this form of remediation and the necessity of following strict protocols and processes. We will only recommend reinstatement of a building that has been sewage affected once we are confident that we have achieved returning the environment back to its pre-loss condition.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

One of the final steps in the successful remediation of a property and its contents is leaving behind clean and sanitised carpets and any fabrics. We are specialised in cleaning and restoring carpets, curtains & soft furnishings.

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